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The Exo Skeleton project for Astera Led Tubes was born from the experience of established cinematographers
who were looking for the maximum creative flexibility shooting with wireless Astera tubes.
Made by the R&D team of Lockcircle, which boasts long experience in engineering and manufacturing
of “cinematic cages and accessories” for film cameras well known and shipped all over the world.
The basic idea was to push operational flexibility into an innovative mode creating a “modular building system”
around the extraordinary line of Astera tubes known and used on cinematographic sets worldwide.
Exo Skeleton is also a system engineered for lighting designers who always seek new “inspiration” for television shows
and set designers looking for advanced solutions of “practical lighting” with very rapid set-up times.
The Exo Skeleton, will evolve with many other revolutionary products becoming a very large system, which will allow you
to build any creative ideas in a very short time, expressing the potential of Astera’s wireless tubes to the highest levels.
Exo Skeleton is made with aircraft grade aluminum CNC Machined and carbon fiber
with the latest “additive manufacturing” technology.

– Exo Link, to create infinite lines of Astera tubes: Helios, Titan, Hyperion.

– Exo Hold, to suspend long tube lines.

– Exo Cube, to create incredible three-dimensional constructions.

– Exo Side, to build instantly luminous frames.

– Exo Slab, perfect for table-top shooting, but it’s also a mechanical interface.

– Exo Bone, an advanced system for more cinematic applications and set design.

– Exo Grid, an innovative carbon fiber Grid to modelling the light angle.

– Exo Pin, a technical invention that allows you to mount the Pin in 8 different positions on the Astera Helios,
and 18 positions on the Astera Titan.


Many other products are in the design phase, with innovative ideas for cinematography, television, live shows and events.



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