SIRUI A100B Bi-Colour Inflatable Led Light


Product Description



Introducing the SIRUI A100B Bi- Colour Self Inflating LED light. A world first self inflating flat light source. 

The inflated design provides ultra soft light by positioning the integrated diffusion panel away from the LED panel. The result is even and soft light, perfect for product photography, portraits, interviews, video light and more.

The A100B is powered by AC power or via V mount batteries which are mounted to the control unit. The light can be mounted on a traditional light-stand, tripod, or boom arm using the included mounting bracket. The back plate of the A100B also features a magnetic surface which allows you to directly mount it to metallic surfaces.    

The high brightness of 1900LUX @ 1m provides a high output for lighting any situation. CRI of 96 and TLCI of 98 provides exceptional colour accuracy. 

12 lighting effects can be controlled via the SIRUI lighting app or directly on the control unit. 

The A100B is RCM approved for use in Australia.











Power 100W
Luminance 2300LUX @1m
Weight 1613g = Light, 1497g + Controller
Colour Temp Range 2800-8500K
CRI 96
Special Effects 12
Size 685mm x 500mm x 100mm
Working Temperature -10ºC to 45ºC
Control Method Control Panel and App
WIreless Bluetooth Control Distance 15 mt



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